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Leader of the House questioned on ministerial corrections and written parliamentary questions

20 May 2022

The Procedure Committee will question the Leader of the House, Rt Hon Mark Spencer MP, on a wide range of issues including ministerial corrections to the Official Report and performance in answering written parliamentary questions (WPQs).


Wednesday 25 May 

At 2.15pm

  • Rt Hon Mark Spencer MP, Leader of the House, House of Commons

This is the first time the new Leader will appear in front of the Procedure Committee.

Purpose of the session

One of the topics to be covered by the Committee will be the process for ministerial corrections in the Official Report (Hansard). The Committee previously considered this matter in 2007, and recommended that a dedicated corrections page be introduced in Hansard, for all corrections to errors made by Ministers and other Members who provide information to the House in an official capacity.

Monday’s evidence session will also see the Committee discuss the matter of the performance of Government departments in answering WPQs.

Other topics for discussion include:

  • The order and timetabling of oral questions
  • The future of the European Statutory Instruments Committee
  • The procedure of the House of Commons and the territorial constitution

Further information

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