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Committee publishes Government's views on 'meaningful vote' and calls for evidence

17 October 2018

The Procedure Committee publishes the Government's memorandum on parliamentary approval of any withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU.

'Meaningful vote'

The Committee is examining the procedure which ought to apply in the House of Commons for approval of a withdrawal agreement and a framework for the future relationship between the UK and the EU. The House's decision on these approvals is often referred to as a 'meaningful vote'.  These approvals are one of the statutory requirements in section 13 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, and are necessary before any international treaty giving effect to a withdrawal agreement can be ratified by the UK.

The Committee has received a memorandum from the Government setting out its view on the procedure which should apply on the 'meaningful vote'. The Government argues that if a motion to approve a withdrawal agreement is passed in an amended form, this could inhibit the Government's ability to ratify the agreement. It points out that under the House's current procedures for considering amendments to motions the House may not have the opportunity to vote on the text of the motion as tabled by the Government.

Call for written submissions

The Committee is inviting written submissions on the issues the 'meaningful vote' raises for the House's usual procedures for decisions on amendable motions.

Deadline for written submissions has been extended to Wednesday 7 November 2018.

Further information

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