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Northern Ireland Affairs Committee publishes findings from Integrated Education inquiry

23 May 2024

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee Chair, Sir Robert Buckland, has written to Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris with the Committee's findings after its examination of integrated education in Northern Ireland.

The Committee began the inquiry while the Northern Ireland political instituions were in abeyance, but the inquiry continued due the high engagement from stakeholders before Stormont's restoration, the letter said.

In his letter, Sir Robert noted the positive impact of integrated education on reconciliation which many witnesses had mentioned, and that Stormont committed to promoting integrated education in the 2022 Integrated Education Act.  However, he drew attention to calls for this more strategic approach “to be properly resourced” in a context where the sector is “struggling to fulfil its duties after years of underfunding”.

The letter, published in lieu of a full report due to the General Election, urges the Northern Ireland Office to show its commitment to integrated education by addressing the funding gap.

The Committee has also written to Northern Ireland’s Department of Education, noting among other things, calls for a more strategic approach to integrated education and a clearer understanding of demand.

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Image: House of Commons