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Home Office minister questioned on UK-Ireland immigration checks

3 December 2021

Immigration Minister Kevin Foster will be questioned by MPs on the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee on the impact of the UK’s exit from the EU on immigration checks within the Common Travel Area (CTA).

The Common Travel Area encompasses the Republic of Ireland, the UK and its Crown Dependencies. For decades British and Irish nationals have been able to travel freely within the zone without being subject to routine passport controls.

Updated Government guidance, which came into effect on 1 October, outlines the documents that British and Irish citizens will need to prove their nationality if they are encountered by a Border Force officer when entering the UK from another part of the zone. The guidance also phases out EU national identity cards as a valid travel document for non-CTA citizens, stating they must now present a valid passport to UK Border Force officials.

The session will explore how these extra security measures will be enforced and the likely impact on British and Irish citizens, including on the reciprocal rights to live, work and access healthcare in each other’s countries.


8 December 2021

From 09.30:

  • Kevin Foster MP, Under-Secretary of State for Immigration and Future Borders

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