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Industry representatives questioned on barriers to GB to NI animal movements 

26 April 2021

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee examines the barriers faced by livestock farmers under the Northern Ireland Protocol when moving livestock from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.


Wednesday 28 April 2021, virtual meeting

At 9.30am

  • John Martin, Field Development Officer, Holstein NI
  • Daryl McLaughlin, Beef & Sheep/Hill Farming Policy Officer, Ulster Farmers’ Union
  • Neil Shand, CEO, National Beef Association
  • Phil Stocker, Chief Executive, National Sheep Association

The Northern Ireland Protocol has resulted in a number of changes to the rules for transporting livestock between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This has disrupted the practices of NI farmers and breeders, including their ability to exhibit and sell animals at shows in Great Britain, and the process for tagging animals for traceability purposes.

Written evidence to the Committee has highlighted the serious effect these rules changes are having on Northern Ireland’s farming businesses—and could have on disease control.

At the evidence session, MPs are likely to ask a panel of industry representatives to:

  • provide their assessments of the situation and outline the issues that have arisen from the new trading relationship;
  • describe the impact the new measures are having on their businesses;
  • explore the merits of potential solutions to these issues.

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Image: Russell Harry Lee/2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)