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Minister quizzed on post-Brexit cross-border security co-operation

20 November 2020

MPs on the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee (NIAC) question Northern Ireland Office Minister Robin Walker on future arrangements for cross-border co-operation on security, policing and criminal justice post-Brexit.

It is little over a month before the Brexit transition period ends and the UK will lose access to the European processes and databases that had been the basis of co-operation. Previous Committee hearings have heard warnings from the PSNI and NI Justice Minister that without appropriate countermeasures the levels of such crime could increase, and detection become more difficult.

Mr Walker is likely to be questioned on:

  • the extent the future UK-EU security relationship would allow for cross-border law enforcement co-operation;
  • measures planned by the UK Government to help fix expected delays in extradition and difficulties in intelligence-sharing identified by previous witnesses to the Committee; and
  • planned contingency measures if no agreement is reached with the EU.

The session is the fourth and final of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee’s Cross-border co-operation on policing, security and criminal justice after Brexit Inquiry.


Wednesday 25 November 2020

At 09:30:

  • Robin Walker MP, Minister of State, Northern Ireland Office;
  • Mark Larmour, Director, Northern Ireland Office.

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