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Crime agencies questioned on cross-border security probe

2 November 2020

The PSNI, the National Crime Agency (NCA) and HMRC’s Organised Crime Directorate will give evidence to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee on Wednesday on post-Brexit cross-border security, policing and criminal justice co-operation.


Wednesday 4 November 2020, virtual meeting

At 09:30am

  • Simon Byrne, Chief Constable, PSNI
  • Mark McEwan, Assistant Chief Constable, PSNI

At 10.30am

  • Steve Rodhouse, Director General of Operations, National Crime Agency
  • Steve Tracey, Assistant Director, Organised Crime Directorate, HMRC

When the transition period following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU ends on 31 December 2020, access to EU mechanisms that underpinned cross-border co-operation between the UK and Ireland will fall away.

The Committee is examining the effect of those changes on criminal activity and crime fighting and considering what measures might need to be implemented to maintain effective cross-border co-operation on security post-Brexit.

MPs are likely to ask panellists;

  • what the current arrangements are to fight cross-border crime and how they are facilitated by EU-level arrangements;
  • how the loss of those mechanisms might affect crime; and
  • what measures can be taken to maintain co-operation following Brexit, including on data-sharing.

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