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Brandon Lewis to be quizzed on NI Protocol and Internal Markets Bill

15 September 2020

MPs on the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee questions Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis on the Internal Market Bill and its effect on Northern Ireland.

The session comes just over a week after Mr Lewis’ admission to Parliament that the Bill potentially amending the Withdrawal Agreement struck with the EU would “break international law in a very specific and limited way”.

Likely areas of questioning

In taking oral evidence from Mr Lewis, the Committee will:

  • seek an explanation of the aim of the Bill and its effect on the functioning of the Northern Ireland Protocol and the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement;
  • probe the extent to which international law is breached and the potential consequences of this for the people and the economy of Northern Ireland;
  • examine how publication of the Bill has affected negotiations on the future relationship and the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol

The evidence session is the first of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee’s Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol inquiry. 


Wednesday 16 September 2020. 

At 10.00am:

  • Brandon Lewis, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

Further information

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