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Troubles victims' groups to discuss UK Government legacy proposals

30 June 2020

Purpose of the session

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee will continue to explore the views of victims and survivors of the Troubles on the UK Government's new proposals to address the legacy of the Troubles. The Committee will take evidence from WAVE Trauma Centre and South East Fermanagh Foundation (SEFF), the latter being part of Innocent Victims United.

The Committee is anticipated to ask for each group to;

  • assess new government proposals to deal with the legacy of the Troubles;
  • consider how far these proposals will go to meeting the needs of victims, survivors and their families; and
  • discuss their concerns.

The evidence from this session will be used as part of the Committee's Legacy Inquiry as it draws on the views and experiences of as wide a range of groups as possible.


Wednesday 1 July

At 09:30am

  • Sandra Peake, CEO, WAVE Trauma Centre;
  • Cathy Curran, Advocacy Worker, WAVE Trauma Centre;
  • Rev Dr David Clements, Board Member, WAVE Trauma Centre.

At 10:30am

  • Kenny Donaldson, Director of Services, SEFF;
  • Ken Funston, Advocacy Service Manager, SEFF;
  • Iona Gallagher, Advocacy Support Worker, SEFF.

Further information

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