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Role - Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy

The Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy (JCNSS) was first established in the 2005-10 Parliament, and was most recently reappointed by the Commons in May 2020 and by the Lords in January 2020, with the purpose of considering the National Security Strategy.

The Committee comprises 10 Members of the House of Lords and up to 12 Members of the House of Commons. These usually include the chair of the  Intelligence and Security Committee as well as the chairs of the following Select Committees:

The Government published the most recent  National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review (NSS & SDSR) in November 2015. However, the National Security Risk Assessment, which informs the Strategy, is typically renewed more frequently, and the Government publishes an annual implementation report on the NSS & SDSR. In 2020, the Government began an Integrated Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy Review.

Such strategies, assessments and reviews are relevant to the substantive work of the Committee. It scrutinises the structures for Government decision-making on national security, particularly the role of the National Security Council and the National Security Adviser. The Committee also looks at cross-government expenditure and policy related to the National Security Strategy, including the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF).