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Role - Members Estimate Committee

The Members Estimate Committee (MEC), which has the same MP membership as the House of Commons Commission, was established under Standing Order 152D to provide oversight of the House of Commons Members Estimate.

Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle (Chair)Speaker
Sir Paul BeresfordConservative
Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg (Leader of the House)Conservative
Valerie Vaz Labour
Rt Hon Dame Rosie Winterton Labour
Pete WishartScottish National Party

The scope of the Members Estimate was significantly reduced following the 2010 General Election when responsibility for the administration of Members' salaries, expenses claims, travel and certain other costs were transferred to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA).

Items still within the ambit of the Estimate include:

  • the Exchequer contribution towards the cost of pensions for Members of Parliament
  • the provision of ICT equipment to Members
  • financial assistance to Opposition parties (Short Money)
  • an Exchequer contribution to the Members' Fund
  • provision of some training for Members and their staff
  • Members' allowance of pre-paid envelopes and stationery
  • payment for insurance

The functions of the MEC include:

  • agreeing the size of the Members Estimate before it is laid before the House by the Treasury
  • codifying and keeping under review the provisions of the Resolutions of the House relating to expenditure charged to the Estimate
  • modifying those provisions in the interests of clarity, consistency, accountability and effective administration, and conformity with current circumstances.  

The Committee is not empowered to create a new form of charge on the Estimate, or to increase any rate of charge or payment determined by Resolution of the House.  A consolidated list of the resolutions of the House relating to expenditure charged to the Estimate was last published by the MEC on 24 March 2015.

  • Read the Resolutions of the House relating to expenditure (HC1132, 2014-15) (PDF 463KB)
More information on the Members Estimate and the role of the MEC is available from the annual accounts.