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Role - Liaison Committee

The House of Commons Liaison Committee is made up of the Chairs of each of the select committees. The Chair of the Liaison Committee is Sir Bernard Jenkin MP.

The Committee's role includes:

  • Taking evidence from the Prime Minister on matters of public policy – usually three times a year
  • Choosing select committee reports for debate in Westminster Hall
  • Recommending topics to be debated in the main Chamber in backbench time
  • Considering general matters relating to the work of select committees – agreeing guidelines and core tasks for committees and promoting effective scrutiny
  • Giving advice to the House of Commons Commission on select committee matters, as required, with responsibility for allocating funding for select committee travel
  • Deciding which committee is appropriate to scrutinise each proposal for a National Policy Statement under the Planning Act 2008 (for which purpose the Committee has a National Policy Statements Sub-Committee)

The Committee takes a particular interest in encouraging effective committee scrutiny of:

Its functions and powers are set out in House of Commons Standing Order No.145

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