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Role of the Committee

The House of Commons Liaison Committee is made up of the Chairs of each of the select committees.

The Committee's role includes:

  • Taking evidence from the Prime Minister on matters of public policy – usually three times a year
  • Choosing select committee reports for debate in Westminster Hall
  • Recommending topics to be debated in the main Chamber in backbench time
  • Considering general matters relating to the work of select committees – agreeing guidelines and core tasks for committees and promoting effective scrutiny
  • Giving advice to the House of Commons Commission on select committee matters, as required, with responsibility for allocating funding for select committee travel
  • Deciding which committee is appropriate to scrutinise each proposal for a National Policy Statement under the Planning Act 2008 (for which purpose the Committee has a National Policy Statements Sub-Committee)

The Committee takes a particular interest in encouraging effective committee scrutiny of:

Its functions and powers are set out in House of Commons Standing Order No.145

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