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Cabinet Office set to answer questions on Government decision-making

15 March 2024

How should government approach long-term strategic work while dealing with short-term priorities? How should today’s ministers plan and deliver policy which impacts future generations?

On Tuesday 19 March, MPs on the Liaison sub-committee turn their attention to the centre of government as they question senior leaders from the Cabinet Office.

As governments face increasing numbers of immediate and long-term strategic challenges and opportunities, the sub-committee will explore whether the centre of government is set up appropriately to focus on overall government strategy. The sub-committee will hear from the current Minister for the Cabinet Office, John Glen MP.

The first Cabinet Office iteration was created in 1916, when the cabinet secretary was introduced. MPs will ask the current postholder, Simon Case, if the Civil Service has the right culture to ensure that decisions are made in line with the strategy.

How today’s governments could and should involve the next generations in developing strategy will be the focus of a panel with Sophie Howe, the first Future Generations Commissioner for Wales. She’ll by joined by Sophie Daud, co-founder of the Youth Negotiators Academy which brings emerging leaders together with established negotiators to facilitate knowledge and dialogue between generations.

The Well-being of Future Generations Act places a legal requirement on public bodies in Wales to think about the long-term impact of their decisions and address persistent problems such as poverty, health inequalities and climate change.  



  • Sophie Daud, Co-Founder, Youth Negotiators Academy, and Founder, Elect Youth
  • Sophie Howe, formerly Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, 2016-2022, (via Zoom)


  • The Rt Hon John Glen MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office
  • Simon Case CVO, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service

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Image: UK Parliament/Elspeth Keep