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Prime Minister questioned by Liaison Committee

18 December 2015

The Prime Minister, Rt Hon David Cameron MP, appears before the Liaison Committee. The meeting focuses on (1) Syria and (2) Climate Change and Flooding.


Tuesday 12 January 2016, Grimond Room, Portcullis House

At 4.00pm

Chair's comments

Rt Hon Andrew Tyrie MP, Chairman of the Liaison Committee (the Committee of Select Committee Chairmen), says:

"It is almost 14 years since Mr Blair first acceded to a request from MPs that he appear before the Committee of Select Committee Chairmen. He agreed to two hearings a session. To his credit David Cameron accepted a request in 2010 that he should increase Prime Ministerial appearances to three a session. The Liaison Committee will be expecting him at least to maintain that attendance throughout this Parliament.

Power should be scrutinised by Parliament wherever it lies. Over the last quarter of a century, more power has accumulated in No.10. This is why a good number of MPs concluded many years ago that Prime Ministers should be expected fully to explain their actions, and in a way that enables more thorough and less partisan exchanges in Parliament than the weekly half hour of Prime Minister's Questions.

When the Prime Minister comes before the Liaison Committee on Tuesday, he will be cross examined on his direct role in the UK's intervention in the Syrian conflict, and on climate change.

The public will expect robust questions from the Select Committee Chairmen, and a thorough explanation of his decisions and actions from the Prime Minister."


This is the first appearance by the Prime Minister before the Liaison Committee in this Parliament. The PM appeared in the last Parliament on Tuesday 24 February 2015.

The Committee is made up of the Chairmen of House of Commons Select Committees.


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