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Core tasks - Liaison Committee

26 November 2013

The Liaison Committee has agreed revised core tasks for departmental select committees, which were approved by the House of Commons on 31 January 2013.

Overall aim

To hold Ministers and Departments to account for their policy and decision-making and to support the House in its control of the supply of public money and scrutiny of legislation


Examine the strategy of the department, how it has identified its key objectives and priorities and whether it has the means to achieve them, in terms of plans, resources, skills, capabilities and management information


Examine policy proposals by the department, and areas of emerging policy, or where existing policy is deficient, and make proposals

Expenditure and Performance

Examine the expenditure plans, outturn and performance of the department and its arm's length bodies, and the relationships between spending and delivery of outcomes

Draft Bills

Conduct scrutiny of draft bills within the committee's responsibilities

Bills and Delegated Legislation

Assist the House in its consideration of bills and statutory instruments, including draft orders under the Public Bodies Act

Post-Legislative Scrutiny

Examine the implementation of legislation and scrutinise the department's post-legislative assessments

European Scrutiny

Scrutinise policy developments at the European level and EU legislative proposals


Scrutinise major appointments made by the department and to hold pre-appointment hearings where appropriate

Support for the House

Produce timely reports to inform debate in the House, including Westminster Hall, or debating committees, and to examine petitions tabled

Public Engagement

Assist the House of Commons in better engaging with the public by ensuring that the work of the committee is accessible to the public