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Justice Committee: weekly update

30 November 2018

At the end of sitting weeks the Justice Committee publishes a brief summary of its activities in the form of a weekly update.

This week

On Tuesday we took evidence on the role of the Magistracy, following up on our predecessor committee's report, the role of the magistracy.

We also met in private to agree correspondence for publication and discuss future work.

We also met in private to agree correspondence for publication and discuss future work. 

Oral evidence

On Tuesday 21 we heard evidence on the role of the Magistracy. We asked witnesses about progress since the previous Committee's report published on 19 October 2016, covering issues such as recruitment and diversity, court reform and sentencing powers.

At 10:05am we heard from:

  • John Bache JP, Chair, Magistrates Association;
  • Mrs Jo King JP, Co-Chair, Magistrates' Engagement Group; and
  • Duncan Webster JP, National Leadership Magistrate.

At 11.03am we heard from:

  • Phil Bowen, Director, Centre for Justice Innovation; and
  • Penelope Gibbs, Director, Transform Justice.

This week we published

The Chair put out a statement accompanying his letter on the implications of Brexit for the Justice System. 

Chair's comment

Chair of the Justice Committee, Bob Neill MP, said:

“Evidence we heard during our inquiry and our recent session made the serious impact of this lack of clarity [on the implications of Brexit for the justice system] absolutely clear.

While I am grateful to the Minister for the assurances we received when she gave evidence last month, significant questions remain, putting the global reputation of our legal services sector, its 300,000 jobs and £26bn contribution to our economy at risk.

I hope these issues are given a high priority, and in view of the seriousness of the potential impact, have requested a swift response by December 10th - before the meaningful vote in Parliament.”

Inquiries with open calls for written evidence

Prison population 2022: planning for the future

You can still submit evidence to the Committee through its evidence portal for the following inquiry, but please contact the committee secretariat first as the deadline for written submissions has passed.

Future business 

Next week we take evidence from the new Director of Public Prosecutions, Max Hill QC, about his priorities for the next five years, and to hear how he intends to respond to recent issues such as those raised by the Committee on Disclosure.


Tuesday 4 December, Wilson Room, Portcullis House

At 10am we will hear from:

  • Max Hill QC, Director of Public Prosecutions, Crown Prosecution Service

Further information

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