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Disclosure of youth criminal records inquiry launched

13 October 2016

The Justice Committee launches a short inquiry into the system governing the disclosure of criminal records in relation to offences committed by people when under 18 years old.

Call for evidence

The Committee welcomes written submissions on:

  • The appropriateness and effectiveness of the statutory framework applying to the disclosure to employers and others of criminal records relating to offences committed by people when under 18 years old

  • whether that framework and the way in which it is operated in practice strike an appropriate balance between protection of employers and the public, on the one hand, and the rehabilitation of people committing offences when young, on the other hand

  • the effects in respect of the disclosure of such records of changes made in 2013 to the filtering of offences from criminal records checks and in 2014 to rehabilitation periods.

In light of the Committee's recent inquiry into young adults in the criminal justice system, on which it plans to report shortly, the Committee also welcomes views on whether the regime governing disclosure of such criminal records should be extended to apply to records of offences committed by older people, for example up to the ages of 21 or 25.

In this inquiry the Committee will not be considering wider aspects of the criminal records system.

The Committee intends to hold one or perhaps two oral evidence sessions at most following receipt of written submissions, before preparing a report on the subject.

Submitting written evidence

The deadline for written submissions is Friday 11 November 2016.

Further information

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