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Role and powers of Magistrates examined

21 March 2016

The Justice Select Committee holds its first evidence session in its inquiry on the role of the magistracy, to cover magistrates' present and future role within the criminal justice system, their recruitment and training, and their sentencing powers.


Tuesday 22 March 2016 in Room 16, Palace of Westminster.

At 9.45am

  • Penelope Gibbs, Transform Justice
  • Peter Dawson, Deputy Director, Prison Reform Trust

At 10.30am 

  • Jo King, Executive Chair, National Bench Chairmen's Forum
  • Alwyn Lloyd Ellis, member, National Bench Chairmen's Forum


The National Bench Chairmen's Forum provides a framework to support the 160 Chairmen of Magistrates Benches in England and Wales and a national voice for their views.

The Forum is made up of an elected representative from each of seven Regional Forums in England and Wales.

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