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Justice Committee

Commons Select Committee

The Justice Committee examines the policies and spending of the Ministry of Justice (and associated public bodies). This includes courts, legal aid, prisons, probation and the rule of law. It also advises on sentencing guidelines. It cannot consider individual cases. It is chaired by Sir Bob Neill MP. You can follow the Committee on Twitter @CommonsJustice

For information about the work of committees before 2020 please go to inquiries before 2020 and publications before 2020. For information on former committees before 2020, please visit former committees.

Latest publications

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Seventh Report: Coronavirus (COVID-19): the impact on the legal professions in England and Wales
Inquiry Coronavirus (COVID-19): The impact on prison, probation and court systems
Committees Justice Committee
HC 520
6th Report - Coronavirus (COVID-19): The impact on courts
HC 519
5th Report - Ageing prison population
Inquiry Ageing prison population
Committees Justice Committee
HC 304

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