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Call for Evidence

Submit written evidence to the impact of coronavirus on business and workers inquiry

The inquiry will continue to keep a close eye on Government policy and its impact on businesses and workers, including the following key areas: 

  • How different sectors and those in different forms of employment are affected by coronavirus; 
  • The impact of support schemes and policies announced by the Government, including the Business Interruption Loan Scheme, Bounce Back Loan Scheme and Job Retention Scheme; 
  • The likely needs of different sectors over the coming weeks and months, and at each alert level of the pandemic.

Please note that if the Committee accepts your submission we will publish it on our website and it will be subject to parliamentary privilege. If you would like to ask the Committee to accept your submission anonymously (meaning it will be published but without your name), or confidentially (meaning it won't be published at all), please say at the start of your evidence which of these you want to request, and tell us why. In the interests of transparency, and to ensure that the Committee can make full use of evidence in its investigations, we prefer to publish evidence wherever possible. Confidentiality may limit the Committee’s ability to accept or use evidence in the inquiry.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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