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Call for Evidence

The Integrated Security, Defence and Foreign Policy Review

The Committee is inviting written evidence submissions on the following points. The deadline is now 5pm on Friday 10 April 2020.

  • What is the purpose of a security, defence and foreign policy review?
  • How often should a review be scheduled and how should different aspects be sequenced?
  • What leadership, personnel and decision-making structures are required to ensure a review is effective?
  • What is the purpose, and appropriate scope, for cross-Government collaboration in the review process? What is the best way to ensure it is effective?
  • What methodology and analytical capability is required to ensure that assessments of threats and risks to the UK are future-proofed?
  • How should such an assessment be communicated and to whom?
  • How should existing and in-development defence capabilities be reviewed? Do assessments of equipment, non-equipment and personnel require different approaches?
  • What evidence base is required to determine future capabilities?
  • To what extent should defence reviews address defence procurement?
  • How can Government ensure capability decisions reflect financial realities?
  • Which external stakeholders should be engaged in the review process? How?  
  • What role should international allies and multinational alliances play?
  • What level of detail should be provided to Parliament and the public once the review is completed?
  • How can the results of the review best be reflected in a spending review?
  • What is required to ensure that the findings and outcomes of a review are implemented?  

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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