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Call for Evidence

Australia FTA: Food and Agriculture

You don’t need to answer all of the questions below, and you can tell us anything relevant, even if it isn’t covered by these questions. Guidance on giving evidence to a select committee of the House of Commons is available here

1. Does the FTA represent a good deal for the UK's agricultural sector?

2. What impact will tariff and quota liberalisation have on domestic producers and consumers?

3. How will the FTA affect the security, quality and affordability of the UK’s food supply?

4. Does the FTA ensure that there will be a level playing field between UK and Australia producers on animal welfare and environmental standards? Do the terms of the FTA reflect the UK’s commit to high animal welfare and environmental standards?

5. What impact if any, will the FTA have on the Government’s agricultural and environmental policies, such as the delivery of public goods for environmental improvements and net zero?

6. What implications does this trade deal have for future trade deals?

The Committee will consider all the evidence it receives and normally publishes all its evidence online where will be available permanently for anyone to view. Please consider carefully how much personal information you need to share. If you include personal information about other people in your submission, the Committee may decide not to publish it. Your contact details will never be published. 

The Committee can also accept your submission anonymously (meaning it will be published but without your name), or confidentially (meaning it won't be published at all). If you would like us to treat your evidence in that way please say so at the start of your evidence and tell us why. The final decision on whether to publish your evidence will be taken by the Committee. 

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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