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Call for Evidence

Promoting Britain abroad

Terms of Reference

The Committee will consider the following terms of reference for those submitting evidence (Deadline: 6pm, 6 January 2022):

1. What needs to be done to re-establish the UK as a holiday destination for international travellers? 

- What should Government and the tourism boards be doing to support the inbound tourism industry in its recovery? 

- What will the impact on the UK’s hospitality, cultural and heritage sectors be if inbound tourism is slow to recover to pre-pandemic levels?

2. Does the Tourism Recovery Plan go far enough to support the industry’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic?  

- What are the biggest challenges to delivering the plan? 

3. What should the UK be doing to maintain its status as a ‘soft power superpower’ and further promote its culture and heritage on the global stage?  

- How can the UK capitalise on its exit from the European Union? 

- What are the biggest threats to the status of ‘soft power superpower’?

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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