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Call for Evidence

Investment in Northern Ireland

Terms of Reference: 

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee would welcome the submission of written evidence on: 

  • steps the UK Government can take to encourage investment in Northern Ireland, including through the Shared Prosperity Fund, Levelling Up Fund and Internal Market Act 
  • steps the UK Government can take to ensure investment, including foreign direct investment, is economically effective 
  • the economic effectiveness of investment under the New Deal for Northern Ireland and New Decade, New Approach funding 
  • the potential effect of City Deals on economic growth in Northern Ireland 
  • steps that business can take to invest effectively in Northern Ireland 
  • steps the UK Government can take to encourage investment that addresses the skills gap and increases employment opportunities for people with few or no qualifications 
  • The potential impact on investment of GB regulatory divergence from NI 
  • steps the UK Government can take to support the decarbonisation of industry in Northern Ireland and stimulate investment in a sustainable economy 
  • delivery of the prosperity agenda of the Good Friday Agreement 
  • relationships between schools and local Universities 
  • assessments of the understanding of the importance of education 
  • status of technical, vocational education and apprenticeships 
  • identifying sectors of investment and employment potential 


This call for written evidence has now closed.

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