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Call for Evidence

Energy National Policy Statements

As part of its evidence gathering for this inquiry, the BEIS Committee welcomes written evidence submissions addressing the following areas:

  • The clarity of the NPS in terms of its scope and its applicability to the Energy White Paper
  • How effectively the revised NPS reflects Government’s policy proposals in the Energy White Paper
  • How effectively the revised NPS supports the Government’s targets for net zero by 2050
  • How effectively the revised NPS takes account of other aspects of the Government’s plans for energy generation
  • How effectively the proposals in the revised energy NPS supports the communities who will be impacted by the delivery of new energy infrastructure
  • How effectively the revised energy NPS takes account of sustainability and environmental considerations
  • The effectiveness of the Government’s consultation on the proposals contained in the energy NPS

The closing date for submissions is Friday 26 November.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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