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Call for Evidence

Labour shortages in the food and farming sector

  1. What is the extent and nature of labour shortages currently being experienced in the food supply chain?
  2. What are the factors driving labour shortages in the food supply chain?
  3. What is the outlook for the labour shortage situation in the coming months and years? 
  4. What other issues are affecting the food supply chain?
  5. What impact will the timetable for introducing physical checks at the border on food and live animal imports from the EU have on the current issues being experienced by the UK food supply chain?
  6. What measures has the Government taken to alleviate the problems being faced by the food supply chain this year? To what extent have they been successful?
  7. Does the Government need to take further steps to support the food supply chain?

If you are submitting evidence on behalf of an organisation, please be sure to select that option. The submission form will still give you the option to enter your own name and contact details.

In order to promote openness and transparency, the Committee will normally only accept anonymous or confidential evidence where there is a good reason. If you would like to request anonymity, or that your evidence is kept confidential, please include your reasons for the request at the beginning of your evidence.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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