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Call for Evidence

The economic and cultural impacts of trade and environmental policy on family farms in Wales

The Welsh Affairs Committee is conducting a short inquiry to explore the impact of major policy changes (particularly, but not exclusively, international trade and climate change) on family farms in Wales. By ‘family farms’ the Committee is referring to small and medium sized farms, for example hill farmers, rather than large, industrial size farms.  

The inquiry will examine the impact of UK Government policies in areas such as international trade and climate change on the societal connections and traditions in these culturally significant farming communities, and question what, if anything, the UK government can do to support these communities, their unique culture and protect this heritage. 

The Committee is inviting written responses to the following questions. Responses should be submitted by 5pm on 29 October. 

Terms of reference 

  • How unique are family farms and how significant is their contribution to Wales’ cultural life? 
  • What are the main challenges facing family farms specifically, and farming communities more generally, in Wales? 
  • What are the potential implications of free trade agreements for farmers in Wales? 
  • How, if at all, is the UK Government’s climate change policy agenda impacting on family farms, including the future generations of farmers, and rural communities in Wales? 
  • What practical steps can the UK Government take to support these communities and how should the UK and Welsh governments work together to support these communities unique culture, including their contribution to the Welsh language, and heritage? 

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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