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Call for Evidence

Airports in Scotland

This submission form is not currently public. Please only use this form if invited to do so by the committee, otherwise your submission might not be considered.

Terms of reference: Airports in Scotland

The Committee calls for evidence to be submitted on the following issues: 

  • What has been the effect of the coronavirus pandemic and reduced flights on Scottish airports and local communities, including tourism? 
  • How do airports support the local and regional job market?  
  • How effective is the movement of air freight for essential supplies in rural or isolated airports? 
  • Is there a sufficient level of investment in the infrastructure around airports in Scotland? 
  • How will airspace modernisation affect Scottish airports? 
  • What schemes are in place to reduce the carbon footprint of airports?  

The Committee values diversity and seeks to ensure this where possible. We encourage members of underrepresented groups to submit written evidence.

Deadline for submissions

The Committee calls for evidence to be submitted by Wednesday 6 October.