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Call for evidence

Liberty Steel and the future of the UK Steel Industry

Terms of Reference

The Committee welcomes evidence submissions which consider any of the following questions:

• What are the current challenges facing the UK steel industry and its long-term viability?

• What action, if any, should the Government take to support Liberty Steel or the UK steel industry more generally, and what lessons could be learnt from how previous crises in the steel industry were managed?

• What role could the UK’s post-Brexit state aid regime play in supporting foundation industries?

• What opportunities and challenges does the Government's net zero target present for the UK’s steel industry?

• What role did audit, corporate governance, supply chain finance and other financing methods such as circular invoicing play in the difficulties facing Greensill Capital, GFG Alliance and Liberty Steel? What reforms might be warranted?

• What financial support have governments provided to GFG? What due diligence was undertaken prior to this support being given, and what checks and balances were put in place in return for this support?

The interim deadline for submissions is Friday 14 May.