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Call for Evidence

Written Evidence - Covid 19 Vaccine Certification

The Government have announced a review into introducing a Covid vaccine and status certificate system or “vaccine passports".

The Committee have launched an inquiry to consider potential  ethical, legal and operational issues and the efficacy and appropriateness of a certificate system.

We invite written evidence on any of these areas.

Please note the submissions to the Committee should be unique and we are unlikely to accept evidence that was submitted to the Government's consultation as it is anticipated that these will be published by the Government.


Submit evidence

The Committee welcomes evidence on the issues set out above. You can find out more about how to give evidence by visiting the inquiry page here. If you have direct experience of the issues we investigate we would love to hear from you.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 3 May 2021 21.00.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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