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Call for Evidence

The work of the Charity Commission

MPs will question the Chair of the Charity Commission, Baroness Stowell, over the Commission’s track record and performance since her appointment.

Baroness Stowell will give evidence alongside the Charity Commission’s CEO, Helen Stephenson, on Wednesday 18 March. MPs will also examine the Charity Commission’s high-profile investigations, including that into Save the Children, and the implementation of the Commission’s current strategy.

It will be the first time Baroness Stowell has given evidence to the DCMS Committee since its predecessor Committee opposed her appointment.  In 2018, the predecessor Committee expressed concern about Baroness Stowell’s experience in the charity sector and her ability to be politically neutral, as well as her performance at the hearing, and identified a lack of transparency in the appointment process. The Government proceeded to appoint Baroness Stowell, its preferred candidate, despite the Committee’s position.

Ahead of this session, the Committee invites evidence from the public, organisations and others with relevant expertise. The Committee would particularly welcome evidence by 5pm on Thursday 12 March but will continue to accept submissions until 5pm on Tuesday 31 March.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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