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Call for Evidence

Military Exercises and the Duty of Care: Further Follow-Up

The Defence Committee is holding an evidence session on military exercises and the duty of care. This session was postponed due to the General Election and is now being revisited by the newly constituted Defence Committee.

The Commitee will condsider new evidence, which can be submited till the deadline Thursday 9 April 2020. There is no needto resubmit previous written evidence.  

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The terms of reference are:

  • Has appropriate guidance and policy been developed and implemented? Is it being adequately practiced at all levels? How is it monitored?
  • How are lessons being captured, disseminated and learnt?
  • What steps are taken to ensure key safety policy documents are easily understood and updates are communicated and practiced?
  • Is a positive safety culture being instilled across the Armed Forces at all levels?
  • How effective have the Defence Safety Authority and the Duty Holder Concept been in improving safety? How is safety measured?
  • Has there been an increased awareness of heat and cold injury policy? How is this awareness monitored?
  • Are the distinctions made between Regular and Reserve training pathways appropriate?
  • Are the current support provisions provided to the families of those who have been injured or died appropriate?
  • What more can be done to ensure safety during hazardous training and selection without impacting operational effectiveness?
  • Have the special cadre of coroners for military inquests received any additional training?
  • Are Crown Censures enough to make the MoD accountable when failures in duty of care have been identified?
  • The session may use individual cases to highlight overarching policy concerns, but the committee is unable to investigate cases.

Use the written submission form to submit your views. It is not necessary to resubmit written evidence sent to our predecessor Committee as this will be considered as part of the new session. Those who wish to make a new contribution can do so up until the deadline: Thursday 9 April 2020.

The Committee plans to hold a single oral evidence session on Tuesday 21 April 2020.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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