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Call for Evidence

Seafood and meat exports to the EU

1. Which seafood and meat exports have been particularly affected by border delays and disruptions since 1 January, and why?


2. What impact have delays and non-tariff barriers on seafood and meat exports to the EU had on UK businesses?

(a) What are the medium to long-term implications of the non-tariff barriers for UK exporters and supply chains?


3. What steps should the UK Government take to mitigate these issues? What should its short and long-term priorities for action be?


4. How effective and timely will the Government’s proposed £23 million support package for seafood exporters be?


5. How useful and responsive were the guidance and support provided by the Government to business, before and since 1 January?


6. What can the UK learn from other countries who export food to the EU?


7. How ready is the UK to introduce checks on food imports from the EU during 2021, and are there lessons to be learnt from the issues that UK exporters have faced?


If you are submitting evidence on behalf of an organisation, please be sure to select that option. The submission form will still give you the option to enter your own name and contact details.

In order to promote openness and transparency, the Committee will normally only accept anonymous or confidential evidence where there is a good reason. If you would like to request anonymity, or that your evidence is kept confidential, please include your reasons for the request at the beginning of your evidence.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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