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Call for Evidence

The role of the GEO: embedding equalities across Government

Terms of Reference

The Committee invites written submissions addressing the following terms of reference:

• The structure and function of the GEO and its location in the Cabinet Office: how effectively does this enable it to support cross-departmental work on equalities, including the collection and analysis of equalities data?

• The GEO’s role in supporting compliance with international obligations including the UN Conventions and Sustainable Development Goals;

• The role of Minister for Women and Equalities: what does it mean for this to be a dual-departmental role? How robustly does it champion equalities across Government?

• The GEO’s role in highlighting the numerous equalities issues which have been exacerbated by the pandemic;

• The inquiry will also consider the new approaches and initiatives which Minister for Women and Equalities Liz Truss announced in her speech on fighting for fairness at the Centre for Policy Studies on Dec 16 2020, including the implications of the GEO taking on sponsorship of the Social Mobility Commission.

You can submit evidence until Wednesday 17 February.

Your Submission

If your submission is accepted by the Committee, it will usually be published online. It will then be available permanently for anyone to view. It can’t be changed or removed.

If you have included your name or any personal information in your submission, that will be published too. Please consider how much personal information you want or need to share. Your contact details will never be published.

Decisions about publishing evidence anonymously, or about accepting but not publishing evidence, are made by the Committee. If you want to ask the Committee to keep your evidence anonymous (we’ll publish your evidence but not your name or personal details) or confidential (the Committee will read your evidence but it won’t be published) then please tick the box on the submission form. This lets the Committee know what you would like but the final decision will be taken by the Committee.

Written submissions from anyone aged under 18 will be automatically anonymised.

We can’t publish submissions that mention ongoing legal cases – contact us if you are not sure what this means for you.

More guidance on providing written evidence to a select committee can be found here.

Please feel welcome to discuss any questions with the Committee staff at

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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