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Call for Evidence

Call for evidence

The EU Environment Sub-Committee is holding a short inquiry on the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement as it relates to the topics within its remit:

  • energy
  • environment
  • health
  • food trade
  • agriculture
  • fishing
  • climate change
  • chemicals.

The Committee intends to examine the provisions in the Agreement, any challenges that arise and how they could be resolved, and where UK-EU relations should go from here.

If you wish to contribute your experience and expertise to the inquiry, please respond to the questions below. There is no obligation to answer every question. Please clearly signal which of the industries or policy areas above you are responding in relation to; without that information the Committee may not be able to use your submission.

The deadline is 4pm on Friday 5 February 2021.

Diversity comes in many forms, and hearing from a range of different perspectives means that Committees are better informed and can more effectively scrutinise public policy and legislation. Committees can undertake their role most effectively when they hear from a wide range of individuals, sectors or groups in society affected by a particular policy or piece of legislation. We encourage anyone with experience or expertise of the issues under investigation to share their views with the committee, with the full knowledge that their views have value and are welcome.

Information on how to submit evidence is set out below. If you have any questions or require adjustments to enable you to respond, please email Laura Ayres ( or phone 020 7219 6798.


  1. Please indicate which of the following industries or policy areas are you responding in relation to: energy, environment, health, food trade, agriculture, fishing, climate change, chemicals.
  2. What is your assessment of the relevant provisions in the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement, and their impact on your business or policy area?
  3. What do those provisions achieve?
  4. What, if any, challenges arise because of those provisions? How could these challenges be resolved?
  5. What should the UK seek to accomplish with the EU in relation to your industry or policy area within the parameters of the Agreement in the short- and mid-term?

Guidance for making submissions

Written submissions should be made online using the form available at:

This is a public call for evidence. Please bring it to the attention of other groups and individuals who may wish to respond.

Short, concise submissions, of no more than six pages, are preferred. A longer submission should include a one-page summary. Paragraphs should be numbered. Submissions should be dated, with a note of the author’s name, and of whether the author is acting on an individual or corporate basis. All submissions made through the written submission form will be acknowledged automatically by email. This does not constitute formal acceptance of evidence by the Committee, which takes place when the Committee meets.

Personal contact details supplied to the Committee will be removed from submissions before publication but will be retained by the Committee staff for specific purposes relating to the Committee’s work, such as seeking additional information.

Submissions become the property of the Committee, which will decide whether to accept them as evidence. Evidence may be published by the Committee at any stage. It will normally appear on the Committee’s website and will be deposited in the Parliamentary Archives.

Once you have received notification that your submission has been accepted as evidence and published by the Committee, you may publicise or publish it yourself, but in doing so you must indicate that it was prepared for the Committee. If you publish your evidence separately, you should be aware that you will be legally responsible for its content.

You can follow the progress of the inquiry at

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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