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Call for Evidence

Spending Review 2020

As part of its work examining announcements made at the time of the Spending Review 2020, the Treasury Committee would welcome written evidence on the Government’s recently published Green Book Review 2020: Findings and response and the new Green Book (2020).  

The Green Book, and the appraisal processes it provides guidance for, have an important role in areas such as public spending and taxation.  

The Treasury Committee would welcome written evidence on the findings of the Green Book Review, and the Government’s response. 

This is a general call for evidence on the Green Book reforms, and while those responding should feel free to comment on any aspect of the reforms, the Committee would in particular welcome evidence on the following topics: 

  1. How the review was performed
  2. The changes to the Green Book
  3. The changes to the processes which the Green Book helps inform
  4. The analytical challenges raised by the new processes and guidance
  5. The training required to better embed the principles set out in the Green Book and ensure that they are followed
  6. What impact the reforms may be expected to have, any potential problems, and how the success or failure of these reforms should be measured
  7. The guidance on environmental impacts and appraising policy to meet net zero
  8. The reforms’ impact on the Government’s levelling-up agenda

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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