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Call for evidence


Terms of reference 

  1. Are the current national and local governance and co-ordination arrangements for flood and coastal risk management in England effective? 
  2. What lessons can be learned from the recent floods about the way Government and local authorities respond to flooding events? 
  3. Given the challenge posed by climate change, what should be the Government’s aims and priorities in national flood risk policy, and what level of investment will be required in future in order to achieve this? 
  4. How can communities most effectively be involved, and supported, in the policies and decisions that affect them? 
  5. With increasing focus on natural flood management measures, how should future agricultural and environmental policies be focussed and integrated with the Government’s wider approach to flood risk? 
  6. How can housing and other development be made more resilient to flooding, and what role can be played by measures such as insurance, sustainable drainage and planning policy?