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Call for Evidence

Work of the County Court

The Committee invites evidence on:

• What the current level of delay in the County Court is; the extent of any regional variations; and the effect of delays on litigants and the administration of justice

• The ways in which the County Court engages with litigants in person, and how this could be improved

• The condition of the court estate, and its effect on the work of the County Court

• The use of technology in the County Court and how it could be used to improve the service provided by the County Court

• The effect of the court reform programme on the County Court, including the new Online Civil Money Claims service and the Damages Claims service

• The current level of fees and the approach taken to costs in the County Court, and how the fees collected are used as part of the current funding arrangements for the County Court

• Whether there is sufficient judicial capacity in the County Court, and current steps to improve judicial capacity

• Whether there is sufficient staffing of the County Court

• The causes of action giving rise to claims in the County Court

• The current procedural mechanisms used by the County Court to resolve disputes

• The quality of data available on the work of the County Court

• What future reforms to the County Court should be considered

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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