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Call for Evidence

Cyber resilience of the UK's critical national infrastructure

The Committee has launched an inquiry into the cyber-resilience of the UK’s CNI. It will explore the progress of UK CNI toward achieving recently announced resilience targets by 2025, and what support the sector needs to achieve those targets and efforts to make computer hardware architecture more secure by design to protect CNI. What should be the Government’s approach to standards and regulations for cyber resilience and preparedness, supply chain access, and trusted partners?

The Committee welcomes submissions addressing any or all of the following topics:

- The types and sources of cyber threats to Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) most critical to the function of the UK digital economy:

  • Communications (including space);
  • Energy;
  • Government; and
  • Finance

- The strengths and weaknesses of the UK Government’s National Cyber Strategy 2022 and Government Cyber Security Strategy 2022-2030 in relation to CNI for the digital economy;

- The effectiveness of the strategic lead provided by the National Security Council, Government Departments and agencies, and the National Cyber Security Centre, and the coherence of cross-government activity;

- The effectiveness of the Government's relationships with, respectively, private-sector operators and regulators in protecting and preparing CNI organisations of most critical to the UK digital economy from cyber-attacks;  

- What are the interventions that are required from Government, and CNI organisations most critical to the UK digital economy to ensure the Government’s cyber resilience targets by 2025 are achieved;

- What role will ‘secure by design’ and emerging technologies play in the cyber resilience of CNI most critical to the UK digital economy and their supply chains.

If you have evidence on these questions please submit it via the portal below by Friday 10 November

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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