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Call for Evidence

Sexism in the City

Following on from its predecessor’ Committee’s Report in 2018, the Treasury Committee would welcome evidence on the following topics in relation to Women in Finance:


  • The progress in removing the barriers to women entering and progressing their careers across the financial services industry, including progress to financial services firms’ Boards, including executive roles;
  • The impact of the Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter and any other Government and Regulator initiatives;
  • The progress on implementing the Treasury Committee’s 2018 recommendations;
  • The progress on removing gender pay gaps in financial services and in implementing measures to address such gaps;
  • The role of the Government and financial regulators in:
    • Acting as role models for good gender diversity practices,
    • Ensuring appropriate data is collected and published,
    • Marketing the financial industry to a more diverse base of potential recruits,
    • Ensuring firm cultures, policies and practices support women’s aspirations and progress; and
  • The role of, and progress of, firms, Government and financial regulators in combatting sexual harassment and misogyny in financial services, and offering effective ways to escalate concerns about sexual harassment.

The Committee would welcome evidence comparing the financial sector to other sectors of the economy. International comparisons would also be welcome.

The Committee would particularly welcome evidence from women working in, or having worked in, financial services. Those responding should note that the Committee cannot take forward individual cases.


The Committee would welcome any submissions by 5.00pm on Friday 8 September 2023.


How your submission will be treated  

The Committee has discretion over which submissions it accepts as evidence, and which of those it then publishes on its website. If your submission is accepted by the Committee, it will usually be published online. It will then be available permanently for anyone to view and may be found online by using search engines. It cannot be changed or removed. If you have included your name or any personal information in your submission, that will normally be published too. Please consider how much personal information you want or need to share.  

If you would like to ask the Committee to treat your evidence anonymously (meaning it will be published without your name) or confidentially (meaning it will not be published) then you can indicate this by ticking a box on the next page. You can email with any questions about these options.

Your contact details will never be published. 

Evidence accepted by the Committee is protected by parliamentary privilege. However, if published evidence suggests that criminal behaviour has occurred, there is no bar on external bodies investigating that behaviour, which may lead them to find independent evidence which could be put before a court. 

We can’t publish submissions that mention ongoing legal cases. Please do not include details of an ongoing case, or details that are likely to be the subject of future proceedings, in your submission.  The Committee is not able to consider individual cases.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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