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Call for evidence

Future of Financial Services

    • How can the UK financial services sector take advantage of the UK’s new trading environment with the rest of the world?
    • What changes should be made to the UK’s financial services regulations and regulatory framework once the UK is independent of the European Union?
    • What should the Government’s financial services priorities be when it negotiates trade agreements with third countries?
    • Should the UK open its financial services markets to external competition from countries outside of Europe, or should the UK maintain the current regulatory barriers that apply to third countries?
    • What skills and immigration policy will the UK financial services sector need once the UK has left the European Union?
    • How can Government policy and the UK regulators facilitate the emergence of FinTech and new competition; develop new areas of growth for the financial services sector; and promote the UK as the best place to incubate new financial technologies and firms?
    • Through what legislative mechanism should new financial regulations be made?
    • What role does Parliament have to play in influencing new financial services regulations?
    • How should new UK financial regulations be scrutinised?
    • What progress has the Government and regulators made in facilitating key financial services equivalence agreements with third countries; and would an alternative mechanism serve the interests of the UK market better?
    • How should financial services regulators be funded?
    • Should the mandate and statutory objectives of the financial services regulators change to include wider public policy issues?
    • How important is the independence of regulators and how might this best be protected?
    • How can the balance between lighter touch regulation and prudential safeguards be best secured?
    • How should consumer interests be taken into account when considering potential regulatory changes?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the European Union model of scrutinising financial services legislation?
    • Should the UK seek to replicate the EU’s model for drafting and scrutinising financial services regulation?