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Call for Evidence

Ofsted's work with schools

Written submissions are invited on the following:

  • The usefulness of Ofsted inspections and inspection reports, and whether inspections are carried out in sufficient depth to meet the expectations of schools, governors and parents.
  • The impact of Ofsted judgements on schools and pupils, and the adequacy of the support schools can access to enable them to improve following an Ofsted judgement.
  • The impact of Ofsted inspections on workload and wellbeing for teachers, school leaders, governors and pupils, specifically relating to workload required by the inspection process, and what measures are put in place to mitigate this.
  • The effectiveness of Ofsted’s complaints procedure and the extent to which Ofsted is accountable and transparent in its work.
  • The impact of the new Education Inspection Framework introduced in 2019.

Please be aware that we experienced some technical difficulties this morning. If you have had difficulties submitting evidence, please try later today.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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