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Call for Evidence

Batteries for electric vehicle manufacturing

This submission form is not currently public. Please only use this form if invited to do so by the committee, otherwise your submission might not be considered.

The Committee welcomes submissions relating to the following points by 23.59 on Tuesday 14 November:


  • Is there enough UK vehicle manufacturing demand in the UK to support gigafactories?
  • Will the UK have sufficient battery production supplies by 2025 and 2030 respectively to meet the government phase-out plans for petrol and diesel vehicles?
  • Is UK-based battery production necessary to support the manufacture of electric vehicles in the UK?
  • What are the risks to the UK automotive industry of not establishing sufficient battery manufacturing capacity in the UK?
  • What other domestic end uses for batteries would provide a market for UK battery production?
  • Does the UK have a sufficient supply of critical materials to support vehicle battery production?
  • How ready are UK vehicle producers for the EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) rules of origin (ROO) phasing in from 2024?
  • What can the UK learn from investment in other countries in the establishment of gigafactories?
  • Do we have the skills in the workforce required for the production of batteries? If not what needs to be done?
  • Will the cost of UK batteries be competitive compared with batteries produced elsewhere?
  • What impact will the European Union’s proposed Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism have on UK production?