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Call for Evidence

Sport in our communities

The Committee is seeking views on sport in our communities. The financial viability of community sports clubs is in doubt, with the future of many at risk even before the pandemic. The DCMS Committee wants to identify specific actions the Government can take to guarantee the future survival of the community sports sector. The Committee is looking into sports governance, funding and the case for elite professional sports to support the lower leagues and grassroots. 

Terms of Reference:

The DCMS Committee invited written submissions on sport in our communities by Monday 16 November. The portal to submit evidence will remain open until 11 December. However, evidence submitted after the 16 November deadline may not arrive in time to inform early oral evidence sessions, or to potentially identify people for the Committee to talk to, although it would be available to be used in the final report. The Committee invited  submissions that addressed the following areas:

  • Are current sports governance models fit for purpose?
    • At what level of sport should the government consider spending public money?
  • What are the biggest risks to the long-term viability of grassroots sport?
    • What key measures could the Government introduce to increase the resilience of sports clubs and venues?
  • To what extent should elite professional sports support the lower leagues and grassroots?
    • How should the Government make this happen?

If you are submitting evidence on behalf of an organisation, please be sure to select that option. The submission form will still give you the option to enter your own name and contact details.

In order to promote openness and transparency, the Committee will normally only accept anonymous or confidential evidence where there is a good reason. If you would like to request anonymity, or that your evidence is kept confidential, please include your reasons for the request at the beginning of your evidence.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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