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Call for Evidence

Delivering Nuclear Power

This submission form is not currently public. Please only use this form if invited to do so by the committee, otherwise your submission might not be considered.

  • What technical challenges do the next generation of nuclear fission power plants, including Small Modular Reactor and Advanced Modular Reactors, face?
    • What support or interventions are required to bring these technologies to the grid as soon as possible?
  • When will fusion power supply electricity to the grid?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of developing fusion technologies over other energy sources?
  • What could be done to ensure that the UK’s electricity supply is not affected by the high proportion of reactors being decommissioned?
    • How can the Government ensure that the cost of decommissioning does not increase any further?
    • How can lessons learnt from decommissioning programmes be used to benefit new nuclear power programmes?
  • What needs to be done to improve the UK’s approach to dealing with nuclear waste and to ensure that the Government can meet its aims of transferring waste to geological disposal facilities?
  • How can the funding methods that support the development of nuclear technologies be improved?
    • How can the UK leverage further private investment in this area?
  • What support will industry need to meet the Government’s ambitions for delivery new nuclear power plants in the next decade?