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Call for Evidence

My Science Inquiry

The Committee invites written submissions of no more than 200 words by Friday 9 September 2022. Submissions should outline the nature of the issue that the Science and Technology Committee should explore. It must fall within the Committee’s remit―you can find out more about the Committee and its role here. Submissions will be considered based on merit and should address:

  • Why the Science and Technology Committee should examine this area,
  • Why is this the right time for the Committee to examine the area;
  • Why this area would benefit from parliamentary scrutiny;
  • Why the Government needs to act in this area; and
  • How Government policy in this area could be developed or improved.

The Committee is not able to take up individual cases or complaints.

Each individual or organisation should submit no more than one proposal. Where multiple proposals are submitted, only the first submitted proposal will be considered by the Committee.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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