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Call for Evidence

Plan for Jobs and employment support


  • Some groups of people, such as disabled people or young people, tend to do less well in the labour market than others. How has the pandemic affected that?
  • The number of vacancies is at a record high. What is stopping employers from filling those vacancies?
    • How could DWP better target its employment support programmes towards sectors that have large numbers of vacancies?
  • Employment levels are still lower than their pre-pandemic level. What is driving this, and how important is employment support provision in addressing it?
  • What is driving increases in economic inactivity – for example, amongst people with health conditions and older people?
    • What is the impact of increased economic inactivity, and what role should DWP have in addressing it?

Support Programmes

  • How effective are DWP’s employment support programmes? This might include:
    • the Work and Health Programme
    • Kickstart
    • Restart
    • Other specialist programmes, such as Sector Based Work Academies or the Youth Offer?
  • What has been the impact of the Way to Work campaign?
  • How effective is DWP’s support for self-employed people, and how could it be improved?
  • How effective is support from Jobcentre Work Coaches? Are there ways that DWP could be using its resources (eg. Work Coaches) more effectively than it is at the moment?
  • How effective is employment support for people in rural areas?
  • What has been the impact on employment support providers of winding down the European Social Fund? Is the UK Shared Prosperity Fund working well as a replacement?
  • How could DWP work more effectively with employers to ensure that people coming through Jobcentre Plus are well-equipped to fill vacancies?
  • How could DWP work more effectively with other Departments and external organisations (eg. the third sector and private sector) in delivering employment support?
  • What can DWP learn from the third sector, local government and the private sector about how to best deliver employment support?
  • Are there any international examples of successful employment support schemes that DWP could learn from?


  • DWP both provides employment support and administers benefits. How well is it fulfilling that dual role, and is there a case for a different model?
  • Should the Government provide employment support to people who are not on benefits? If so, how could that support best be provided?
  • How can DWP’s employment services best support in-work progression?
  • Building on the recommendations of the Taylor review, what should be DWP’s role in ensuring that work is “good work”?
  • How can the Government best ensure that work pays?
  • In May 2022 the Government announced that Matt Warman MP would lead a review into how the Government can best support a thriving labour market. What are the key policy challenges for DWP?

The deadline for submissions is Friday 16 September 2022.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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