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Call for Evidence

Misogyny in music

Misogyny in music: the use of NDAs in the music sector 

Written evidence is sought on any or all of the following:

  • The prevalence of the use of NDAs to silence victims of gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse in the music industry;
  • The motivations for (a) creating and (b) signing an NDA;
  • Circumstances of individual NDAs including the roles of those involved (including employment status);
  • Whether efforts were made to report inappropriate behaviour before an NDA was reached; and
  • Whether NDAs have been used in cases where behaviour might be criminal.

Important information about making a submission 

Please read this section before making a submission. This information is particularly important for people making written submissions in an individual capacity, and about their own lived experience. 

Written evidence must address the terms of reference as set out above, but please note that submissions do not have to address every point. Guidance on giving evidence to a select committee of the House of Commons is available here

Individual cases 

In line with the general practice of select committees the Women and Equalities Committee is not able to take up individual cases. If you would like political support or advice you may wish to contact your local Member of Parliament.

How your submission will be treated  

Evidence received will not be made public, but common themes from evidence will inform the Committee’s inquiry, its final report and recommendations to government and industry.

Parliament’s powers of privilege mean that sharing details of an NDA with the Committee cannot be used as evidence in legal proceedings, and therefore direct legal action cannot be taken against a person for sharing the information. It would also be a potential contempt to subject a person to detriment as a consequence of providing information to Parliament.

Anyone submitting evidence to the Committee who is a party to an NDA should be aware that the NDA will remain binding and will continue to be enforceable in all other circumstances. Only the submission of the evidence to the Committee is protected by privilege.


If your evidence raises any safeguarding concerns about you, or other people, then the Committee has a responsibility to raise these with the appropriate safeguarding authority. 

If you have immediate safeguarding concerns about yourself or someone else, we would urge you to contact the Police on 999.


We understand that the issues raised in this work may be sensitive or upsetting. In addition to contacting your G.P the following organisations may be able to offer support or further information:  

Samaritans 116 123 General support for everyone. Call: 116 123 - 24 hours a day, every-day Email:

End Violence Against Women Coalition For information about organisations that can advise on gender-based abuse and support victims and survivors.

Victim Support 08 08 16 89 111

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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