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Call for Evidence

Forced labour in UK value chains

Terms of Reference for Forced labour in UK value chains inquiry

The BEIS Committee welcomes evidence submissions which consider the following key issues:

  • The connection between the treatment of minorities in XUAR and company value chains supplying the UK apparel industry;
  • The extent to which UK value chains either in the form of public procurement and services, or the private sector, are intentionally, knowingly or negligently supporting forced labour and human rights abuses;
  • The mechanisms in place, including company audit and monitoring, to ensure goods, materials and services are not imported to the UK which are the product of forced labour;
  • The effectiveness of the audit system and its ability to identify the presence of businesses within value chains which make use of forced labour;
  • The Government's position regarding the risks of sourcing from XUAR and contracting with the companies with strong links to the region;
  • The advice provided to British businesses by Government to help assess risk, ensure compliance, and avoid engaging value chains which rely on forced labour;
  • The Government's response to evidence which suggests that businesses operating in the UK have engaged value chains which make use of forced labour in XUAR;
  • The extent to which Chinese companies operating in the UK are engaged in XUAR and complicit in the human rights abuses within the region.

Please note that if the Committee accepts your submission we will publish it on our website and it will be subject to parliamentary privilege. If you would like to ask the Committee to accept your submission anonymously (meaning it will be published but without your name), or confidentially (meaning it won't be published at all), please say at the start of your evidence which of these you want to request, and tell us why. In the interests of transparency, and to ensure that the Committee can make full use of evidence in its investigations, we prefer to publish evidence wherever possible. Confidentiality may limit the Committee’s ability to accept or use evidence in the inquiry.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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