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Call for Evidence

Procedure under coronavirus restrictions

The Procedure Committee is monitoring and evaluating the use of the temporary procedures and practices agreed to by the House of Commons on 21 and 22 April.These temporary changes have been introduced in consequence of the public health restrictions on movement and association introduced to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The Committee will consider submissions relating to any aspect of House procedure and practice affected by coronavirus restrictions.

The Committee will also consider proposals for further changes to procedure and practice which may be necessary to allow the House's business to continue under such restrictions.

Although the procedural changes made are strictly temporary, the Committee may wish to evaluate whether any features of the changes merit adoption by the House.

*UPDATE* On Thursday 4 June the House authorised virtual participation in certain proceedings until at least 7 July, and to authorise proxy voting in certain circumstances.

The Speaker announced detailed arrangements for virtual participation on Friday 5 June [click here to view].

The Committee has decided to extend the submission period until 16 July 2020. Prompt submission is encouraged and appreciated.

The Committee will, as part of this inquiry, be reviewing the arrangements for proxy voting which are to be established.

A programme of oral evidence for the inquiry will be announced in due course.

The period may be extended further should the House decide on a further extension to the temporary procedures.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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